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A work jacket, the ergonomics of which have been adapted for an exoskeleton that supports employees carrying out overhead work, has been developed by researchers at the Hohenstein Institute in Bönn

BASF New Business of Ludwigshafen, Germany, has acquired the filament producer Innofil3D of Emmen, The Netherlands. 

A solid-state flexible supercapacitor has been manufactured by using conductive graphene oxide ink to print electrodes onto cotton fabric by researchers at the University of Manchester in the UK.

Improved reinforced meshes for retropubic implants for the treatment of urinary incontinence and/or pelvic floor disorders are disclosed in US Patent 9 655 706 by Boston Scientific Scimed.

A mesh implant for use in the reconstruction of soft-tissue defects is disclosed by Novus Scientific in US Patent 9 668 847.

An improved textile bandage to support or protect joints such as elbows, knees and ankles ithat is prevented from shifting during wear has been developed by Otto Bock HealthCare of Duderstadt, Germ

A mesh device for supporting a breast implant or breast tissue has been developed by inventors from California, USA. 

Expanding wound dressings for controlling bleeding wounds are disclosed in US Patent 9 623 223 by RevMedx.

A highly sensitive soft capacitive sensor made of silicone and fabric moves and flexes with the human body to unobtrusively and accurately detect movement.

Xenoma, a spin-out from the University of Tokyo in Japan, has just launched a pre-consumer version of its e-skin shirt on Kickstarter.

A device for adaptively controlling the environment of a wound, as conditions in and around the wound site change, to promote optimal healing is disclosed in US Patent 9 681 990 by researchers from

An ultra-thin energy harvesting system that could be incorporated into clothing is able to effectively power mobile telephones, fitness trackers and other personal devices via simple movements.

A UK consortium has developed a wound dressing system for the treatment of conditions associated with tissue ischaemia and skin lesions, such as diabetic foot ulcers, burns and surgical wounds.

A range of ecologically friendly flame retardants has been launched by Ecoatech GmbH of Augsburg, Germany.

Invista’s Cordura brand will be showing flame-retardant, stretchable and durable fabrics for workwear at the A+A Show in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 17–20 October 2017. 

Three finalists will present their products for the RISE Innovation Award during the seventh edition of Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics Conference (RISE)

An improved disposable tampon for insertion into a vaginal cavity is disclosed in US Patent 9 610 201 by Kimberly-Clark.

A high-tensile-strength semi-absorbable composite suture with a minimized non-absorbable mass has been developed by DePuy Mitek.

Carver Non-Woven Technologies of Fremont, Indiana, USA, is to begin commercial production of pre-impregnated, preconsolidated glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) composite products. 

A resorbable polymeric mesh implant for use in the reconstruction of soft-tissue defects has been developed by Novus Scientific.