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Keeping you informed about an important and growing market—medical textiles

TissueGen offers a range of biodegradable drug-laden fibres.

A recent report predicts that the value of nonwoven disposable products for medical applications will surpass US$10 billion a year by 2020.

Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market (published in December 2015 by Hexa Reports of Felton, California, USA) identifies a number of drivers behind the markets rapid growth:

  • the increasing prevalence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs);
  • concerns about the spread of other infections, such as hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV);
  • the introduction of favourable initiatives and reforms promoting the use of nonwovens in hospitals;
  • an ageing population;
  • the growing problem of incontinence and higher awareness among consumers of the solutions offered by hygiene products(1);
  • rapid improvement in the healthcare infrastructure of large markets such as China and India;
  • a growing awareness and demand for such products in markets (notably China and India) where use is currently low, but the potential is large;
  • the introduction of novel and improved products.

There are many examples of this kind of innovation reported on this website, for instance:

Many more can be found in the pages of our newsletter devoted to the sector, Medical Textiles.

(1)See also: 


Textile Coating and Laminating Conference Programme announced

The next International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating will be held on 16-17 March 2016 at the Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic.
Next year’s event will include presentations covering the key economic and technology trends, including the state of the industry, techniques and materials, technology for growth, and new opportunities. Speakers from senior positions in some of the most influential companies in this sector from around the world will gather in Prague to present to delegates.

Registration is now open, click here to book your place.

The Conference Programme has been announced, please see below for programme highlights.  Updates and additions will be posted on the conference website

Keynote presentation: Sustainable lamination - Michael Kamm, Chief Executive Officer, Sympatex Holding GmbH (Germany)

Coating and lamination technology - a guide to where we are going - Barry Goodwin, Managing Director, Amba Projex Ltd (UK)
How to exploit the Indian market's potential - K.S. Sundararaman, Executive Director, Shiva TexYarn Ltd (India)
Coating industry in Turkey - Pelin Terekli, R & D Director, Oztek Textile Company (Turkey)
Antimicrobials with built-in marker technology - Heinz Studer, Sales Manager, Sanitized AG (Switzerland)
Advances in on-line measurement and control for optimizing coating and converting applications - Chris McGowan, Director of Systems Sales, NDC Technologies Ltd (UK)
Environmentally friendly manufacturing of light-management materials - Frans Goossens, Marketing and Sales Director, Fait Plast SpA (Italy)
Multifunctional coating and laminating machines - advantages of diversity - Clemens Disch, Area Sales Manager, Werner Mathis AG (Switzerland)
Systematic assessment for flame retardants - towards sustainable fire safety solutions - Willem Hofland, Director Advocacy, ICL-IP Europe BV (Netherlands)
Stringent flame retardant standards in transportation and related thermal issues - Anne Van Snick, Devan Chemicals (Belgium)
Polyurethane technologies for high quality coatings - Frederik GoethalsCentexbel (Belgium)
Hyperbaric dry finishing technology for sustainability combined with high-performance - Gary S. Selwyn, President, Green Theme Technologies (USA)
Novel short chain (carbon C6) fluoroproducts with improved properties - Fikri Alemdaroglu, Business Manager Surface Modification, Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH (Germany)
Development of solvent free textile coatings - Gert Raeymackers, Operations Director, Vetex BV (Belgium)
Hot-melt adhesives - a perfect combination for laminating - Guido Schürmann, Market Manager Coating & Laminating and Product Assembly EMEA, ITW Dynatec GmbH (Germany)
Cross laminated oriented nonwovens for coating and laminating - an update - Arkadiusz Borowiec, Area Sales Manager, JX Nippon ANCI SAS (France)
Responsive coatings - Brecht Demedts, Researcher Textile functionalisation and surface modification, Centexbel (Belgium)
Functional coatings for nanofibrous membranes - Ali Kilic, Assistant Professor, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
Digital printing and coating - opportunities with commercial graphics - Bryan Rose, Vice President & General Manager, New Business Development, Cooley Group Inc (USA)
Hydrophobic textiles in hospital design – a study on the cleaning and disinfection possibilities of coated textiles in hospital interior design - Jeppe Emil Mogensen. VIA University College (Denmark)
Advantages and drawbacks using nanomaterials in coatings - Aleksandra Lobnik, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor (Slovenia)
Functionalisation of high-performance fibres by means of coating technology - Marcel Alberts, Managing Director, EuroFibers bv (Netherlands)
Integration of electronic functionalities into textiles by lamination technology - Margreet de Kok, Senior Researcher, Holst Centre (Netherlands)

Each session of presentations will be followed by an intensive discussion workshop centred on a key topic of concern to industry.

(Programme subject to change. International Newsletters Ltd reserves the right to make amendments and additions as necessary).

The presentations of proceedings from the Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications (March 2015) and the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating (November 2014) are available to purchase on a CD-Rom as PDF files.

NHPA2015, the second Conference on High-performance Applications, concluded that significant growth is anticipated for high-performance nonwovens. NHPA2015 was held in Cannes, France 4-5 March 2015. The 19 presentations as given at the conference are now available on a CD-Rom in PDF format, plus the audio files of the discussion workshops. For more information on the papers and speakers click here

TCL2014, the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating, was held in the Novotel Montfleury in Cannes, France, 4-5 November 2014. More than 100 senior staff from around the world attended to hear two days of expert presentations and engage in workshops and discussions. The 21 presentations as given at the conference are now available on this CD-Rom in PDF format. For more information on the papers presented click here  


Latest Features

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A barrier to the wider use of textile-reinforced polymer composites is the lack of an economic, high-volume manufacturing process for parts with complicated shapes. Hybrid yarns combined with advanced weaving could provide a solution, reports Amanda Jacob.

On a visit to Invista Textiles Ltd, Nick Butler learned about the technology and marketing strategy that lie behind the success of the Cordura brand, and how the company exploits its know-how to develop new products.


Editor Nick Butler selects his highlights among the exhibits that readers can find in Milan, Italy, during ITMA 2015 (12–19 November), continuing with a preview of the latest developments for all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics.