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The proceedings of TCL2011 CD-Rom

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TCL2011, the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating, was held in Orlando, Florida, in November 2011. Attended by more delegates from all continents, it proved a great success with both delegates and presenters. Now, the full proceedings are available on a CD-ROM including AUDIO RECORDINGS OF THE PRESENTATIONS AND DISCUSSION SESSIONS as well as slide shows of the presentations themselves.


Purchasers of the CD-ROM can listen and view the presentations just as if they had been at the meeting, and hear the lively discussions which took place at the end of the sessions.


  • Environmentally Conscious Methods Of Production Of Laminated Technical Textiles
  • Developing And Processing Of Multifunctional Technical Textiles – An Approach To Effective Product Development
  • Base Fabrics And Their Interaction In Coatings [audio unavailable]
  • Sustainable Alternative To PVC For Use In Coated Fabrics & Laminations
  • New Atmospheric Plasma Technology For Effective Textile Coating And Lamination
  • Novel Textile Coatings And Laminated Films Containing FIR–Emitting Ceramics
  • Silicones Get A New Grip On Technical Textiles: From Industrial To Medical Applications
  • Microencapsulation Technology And Applications In Textiles, Coatings & Laminates
  • Conductive Textiles Based On Polypyrrole And Polyaniline: An Innovative Way Of In-Situ Polymerization
  • Nanofibers For Use In Multifunctional Textiles
  • Ultrasonic Welding Of Coated Flexible Materials
  • Innovative Merging Of Technologies For Development Of New Composites
  • The Evolution of Coated Textiles for Automotive Trim Applications
  • Deca Alternatives for Textile/Composite COATING Applications
  • Use of Liquid Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) in Textile Coating
  • Ink Jet Printing Advances in Coating and Laminating