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The proceedings of TCL2010 CD-Rom

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TCL2010, the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating, was held in Cannes in November 2010. Attended by more than 125 delegates from over 30 countries, it proved a great success with both delegates and presenters. Now, the full proceedings are available on a CD-ROM including AUDIO RECORDINGS OF THE PRESENTATIONS AND DISCUSSION SESSIONS as well as slide shows of the presentations themselves.


Purchasers of the CD-ROM can listen and view the presentations just as if they had been at the meeting, and hear the lively discussions which took place at the end of each session. The only thing missing is the sunshine!


  • Breakthrough Coating;
  • Technologies for Advanced Textiles;
  • European Technical Textiles – Adapting in a Fast Moving Market;
  • The State of the Industry - a North American perspective;
  • Advances in Hotmelt Adhesion in Coating and Laminating;
  • Adhesive Webs;
  • Accepting the Challenge of Textile-based High Tech Products: Designing for Function;
  • Innovative Laminated Products;
  • Relating Silicone Properties to Coated Fabric Performance Properties;
  • Revolutionizing Textile Decoration and Finishing with Digital Inkjet Technology;
  • High Pressure Compression and Laminating Applications for Technical Textiles;
  • Critical REACH Issues and Implications for Textiles Coating and Laminating;
  • Nanotechnology-Based Advanced Coatings and Functional Finishes for Textiles;
  • Advanced Textile Coatings Based On Sol-Gel and Plasma Technologies;
  • Reactive Surface Treatment for Improved Multi-Functional Textiles;
  • The Testing and Applications of Aluminized Laminates for Heat Reflective Clothing;
  • Prepregging for Composites - an Opportunity for Coaters and Laminators;
  • Textiles Coated with Electrically Conductive Formulations and Their Applications;
  • New Antimicrobial Solutions for Textile Coating;
  • Wearable Optical Chemical Sensors.