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The presentations from the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating 2016 CD-Rom

Publication date: 
5 May 2016
International Newsletters Ltd
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The presentations of proceedings from TCL2016 (March 2016) are now available to purchase on a CD-Rom as PDF files, plus audio files of the discussion workshops.

TCL2016 was held at the Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic, 16 - 17 March 2016. More than 130 senior staff from around the world attended to hear two days of expert presentations and engage in workshops and discussions. Once again, the conference proved a great success with both delegates, speakers and exhibitors.

The 22 presentations as given at the conference are available on a CD-Rom as PDF files, plus audio files of the discussion workshops. For more information on the papers presented, the conference programme and presentation abstracts, please visit http://www.technical-textiles.online/TCL


•   Sustainable lamination
•    Coating and lamination technology - a guide to where we are going
•    How to exploit the Indian market's potential
•    Coating Industry in Turkey 
•    Antimicrobials with built-in marker technology
•    Advances in on-line measurement and control for optimizing coating and converting applications
•    Environmentally friendly manufacturing of light-management materials
•    Multifunctional coating and laminating machines - advantages of diversity
•    Stringent flame retardant standards in transportation and related thermal issues
•    Systematic assessment for flame retardants - the way to more sustainable fire safety solutions
•    Polyurethane technologies for high quality coatings
•    Hyperbaric dry finishing technology for sustainability combined with high-performance
•    Novel short chain (carbon C6) fluoroproducts with improved properties
•    Development of solvent free textile coatings
•    Hot melt adhesives – a perfect combination for laminating
•    Cross laminated oriented nonwovens for coating and laminating - an update
•    Responsive coatings
•    Functional coatings for nanofibrous membranes
•    Digital printing and coating – opportunities with commercial graphics
•    Hydrophobic textiles in hospital design – a study on the cleaning and disinfection possibilities of coated textiles in hospital interior design        
•    Functionalisation of high-performance fibres by means of coating technology
•    Integration of electronic functionalities into textiles by lamination technology