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The presentations from the International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating 2014 CD-Rom

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The presentations of proceedings from TCL2014 (November 2014) are now available to purchase on a CD-Rom as PDF files.

TCL2014 was held at the Novotel Cannes Montfleury, Cannes, France 4-5 November 2014. More than 100 senior staff from around the world attended to hear two days of expert presentations and engage in workshops and discussions. Once again, the conference proved a great success with both delegates and speakers alike.

The 21 presentations as given at the conference are available on a CD-Rom as PDF files. For more information on the conference series, please visit https://www.technical-textiles.online/WCTC/


  • Business model innovation enables industry reinvention. A case study in the China coated fabrics market
  • Introduction and overview of the global coating and laminating industry
  • Sustainable flame retardants in a changing landscape for textiles
  • DMF and its current status with regard to authorization or restriction and implications of REACH
  • Sustainability and OEKO-TEX, are you ready for the next STeP
  • Digital coating technologies - an update
  • Dry non-plasma finishing
  • Coating machines from lab to volume
  • Environmentally conscious methods of coating and laminating textiles
  • Cross laminated nonwovens for coating and laminating
  • New aspects of integration of nanomaterials into textiles to achieve various functionalities
  • UV-coating: turning major wet coating processes into dry and energy-efficient processes
  • Nano-technology - present and future
  • Plasma - “self assembly” process for functionalization of synthetic textiles · Antimicrobials for coatings designed for the future
  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes - new and improving every day
  • Silicones and technical textiles: from “open innovation” to high-end products
  • Doing business in India - a perspective
  • Forcespinning - a novel nanofibre production technology
  • Laminating and bonding of dissimilar films and polymers in the chemical protection industry
  • Unique plastisol plasticiser for close to consumer applications