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The presentations from the Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications 2017 CD-Rom

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30 May 2017
International Newsletters Ltd
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The complete presentations of proceedings from NHPA2017 (March 2017) are now available to order on a CD-Rom as PDF files. Individual papers may be purchased and downloaded on this site, or use this link to order a CD-Rom containing all the papers.

NHPA2017 was held at the Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic, 7-8 March 2017. Senior staff from around the world attended to hear two days of expert presentations and engage in workshops and discussions. Once again, the conference proved a great success with both delegates, speakers and exhibitors.

The 21 presentations as given at the conference are available on a CD-Rom as PDF files. For more information on the papers presented, the conference programme and presentation abstracts, please visit http://www.technical-textiles.online/NHPA


Keynote: How a traditional German textiles company transformed itself into a 21st Century leader in engineered nonwovens and technical textiles, Detlev Käppel, Director Sales, Tenowo GmbH (Germany) 
•    Plenary: Findings from two major market studies on nonwovens, Adrian Wilson, Technical Textiles International/Sustainable Nonwovens (UK) 
•    Plenary: Nonwovens for energy storage, Hjalmar Granberg, Senior Research Associate, Innventia AB (Sweden)
•    Plenary: Flexible circuit boards based on advanced nonwoven substrates, Marc Jolly, Head of Development, Norafin(Germany) 
•    An overview of recent developments in the production technologies for nanofibres for high-performance nonwovens, Stanislav Petrik, Director Industry Relations, Institute for Nanomaterials, Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) 
•    Spunmelt technology for geotextiles and filtration, Ingo Mählmann, Senior Manager, Oerlikon Neumag (Germany) 
•    Industrial nanofibre production for air filtration and performance apparel, Ivan Ponomarev, Head of Chemistry and Technology, ELMARCO s.r.o. (Czech Republic) 
•    The advantages of a novel airlaid process for web formation, Greg Moran, Vice President, Rando Machine Corp (USA) 
•    Surface science for better optimizing functional coatings on nonwovens and technical textiles, Daniel Frese, Applications & Science, Krüss GmbH (Germany) 
•    Increasing quality, improving production efficiency: Optical inspection of nonwovens to meet the highest demands, Guido Maass, Vice President Sales (Eastern Europe), Isra Surface Vision (Germany) 
•    Keynote: How Europe's booming composites markets create new opportunities for fibre-based reinforcements, Michael Effing, Chairman of the Board, Composites Germany, Chairman of the Board, AVK, Founder and CEO, AMAC GmbH (Germany) 
•    Nonwoven textiles made with recycled carbon fibres for automotive applications, Anthony Stevenson, Technical Manager, ELG Carbon Fibre (UK) 
•    Glass and carbon fibre mats for automotive applications - the role of automatic optical inspection systems in providing better quality and yield, Hans Örley, Senior Manager Business Development, Dr Schenk (Germany) 
•    Winning the battle for infection control, Matthew Tipper, Business Director, NIRI - Nonwovens Innovation Research Institute (UK) 
•    Nonwovens for reactive filtration of exhaust air in waste water treatment plants, Christian Möbitz, ITA, Institute of Textile Technology, RWTH Aachen University (Germany) 
•    Fibrillated lyocell fibre in filtration applications, Andy Slater, Technical Customer Service Manager, Lenzing Fibers Grimsby (UK) 
•    Expanding possibilities with novel nonwovens and nanofibres, Arkadiusz Borowiec, Area Sales Manager, JX Nippon ANCI SAS (France) 
•    Washable superabsorbent fibre nonwoven technology and its high-performance applications, James Docherty, Applications Development Specialist, Technical Absorbents (UK) 
•    Improved performance of short-chain/carbon-6 (C6) fluorochemicals - automotive, medical and filtration applications, Fikri Alemdaroglu, Business Manager Surface Modification Technologies, Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH (Germany) 
•    Nonwoven-based composite reinforcements with optimised structures, Claus Lütke, Head of EU Coordination, ITA,  Institute of Textile Technology, RWTH Aachen University (Germany) 
•    Recycling, separation, blending and web formation - alternative materials for lightweight construction, Marcel Hofmann, Department Manager Textile Lightweight Engineering, Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI e.V) (Germany)