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The presentations from the Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications 2014 CD-Rom

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The first Conference on Nonwovens for High-performance Applications – NHPA2014 was held was held at the Novotel Cannes Montfleury, Cannes, France 5-6 March 2014. New concepts, commercial development and added-value were the emerging themes from the presentations given to delegates over the two day meeting. 17 speakers presented papers examining how they have made the change from commodity to high-performance nonwovens, how technology is creating new markets with new processes, materials and machinery and how the search for new high-performance applications are shaping these developments.

The presentations of proceedings are now available to purchase on a CD-Rom as PDF files, plus audio files of the workshops.


  • Markets and Opportunities for High-Performance Nonwovens
  • Development and Commercialisation of Cross-Laminated Oriented Nonwovens
  • Using Innovation to Create High-Performance Nonwovens
  • High-Performance Materials, Technologies and Applications at INDEX 14
  • Nonwovens for High-Performance Application: Market Data and Trends
  • Exploring the Potential for High Fluid Management Performance Nonwovens Across a Diverse Range of Applications
  • Converting Nonwovens to Add Functionality and Value in Automotive and Aerospace Applications
  • Thermoforming of Nonwovens: Formed Parts, Latest Solutions and Machines
  • Laminated and Compressed Nonwovens in Automotive & Aerospace Applications
  • Airlay Carbon Nonwovens: a New Lightweight Construction Concept for Automotive Applications
  • Understanding the Wetting of Nonwovens
  • Medical Laminates for Surface Applications
  • Cosyflex™, a Revolutionary Nonwoven Dynamic Fabric
  • Medical applications for nanofibre webs with barrier properties
  • Heatable Textiles: New Developments in the Field of Technical Nonwovens
  • Advanced Reflective and Nanolayer Treatment of Nonwovens
  • Needle Technology: Driving Advanced Nonwovens
  • Clean and Easy Union of Filter Materials using Ultrasonics
  • Liquid Repellent Nanocoating Technology

PLUS full audio recordings of the workshop sessions.